Angela Staub

Lore Writer and Debut Manager


Welcome, My Dear

Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Angela Staub, a name and a guarantee.
As a vampire I’ve had many experiences and seen many things, always looking for strong emotions. I write trying to convey these emotions through words.

Reliable Manager and Successful Writer. These are my main goals and being a VTuber is just the first step.
VTubing allows me to meet new people and share my ideas with the world, making new and valuable experiences.
I’m ambitious, and challenges don’t scare me. I have been taught to give my all in every situation and to demand the best.

Enjoy your visit, stay as long as you want.


vtuber debut & EVENTS

Debut is a unique event for a VTuber, during which they establish the standards by which they will be recognized and respected in the community, but it is not the only important event.
A support during the preparation and management of the Debut material allows them to achieve an extraordinary success. The same applies to any event, such as Subathons and Partnerships.
My experience is at everyone’s disposal.