Bahroo Setting

A young geologist and a panda miner.
Friendship at first sight.
A simple chance that brought new joy to panda society.

“Jade is precious, it makes objects stronger and more resistant, and we mine it with joy, but I am really happy to know that there is more besides Jade.

A mine is nonetheless a mine: dug deep within the earth, dark and damp.
And yet, panda mines are strangely welcoming. Centuries of experience and experimentation have allowed them to extract Jade without too many dangers.

Raw Jade is a dull green, like dry grass, but the excellent craftsmanship of pandas makes it an intense and brilliant green.
There are even mystical places where greenstone can be found. Its shine and power are priceless. They say it can ward off bad luck and that it even has curative powers! All our ancestors used it for everything. There is nothing Jade cannot do. If gold has value, Jade is priceless!


Preparing a Setting always requires extensive study. In this case, the central element to start with is the Jade.
In history, Jade represents a mineral difficult to extract, with great artistic and commercial value.
In folklore, it is attributed magical powers and a deep spiritual value.
Pandas extract Jade to improve and enhance their equipment, from here we outline the entire society, mixing history and folklore in a consistent way.


A Setting needs diverse characters with distinct roles. It’s about building a coherent, living world.
Starting with the main characters, Sam and Umeru, we move on to outline the secondary characters. By working carefully, we can build a coherently organized society that makes logical sense.
For example, a mining company is sure to have a Mine Manager, and the existence of a village presumes the presence of a Mayor.


Working on an entire Setting can be very challenging.
Bahroo has a very active and participative community and many of the main elements were already set. The main work was creating a society centered on Jade, and then deepen the main characters in order to make their presence consistent.

Working on such a Setting allowed me to hone my Worldbuilding skills. In the end I decided to give a business simulation game flavor to the panda society, inspired by Bahroo’s live streams.