Chisu Ai Lore

Name: Aiko Chisuki (ChisuAI)
Birthday: February 2th
Height: 161cm or 5’3ft
Species: Ai Kitsune Spirit (Love fox)
Gender: She/Her

All I wanted to do was to help others…

I can come closer my goals and become stronger, sharing fun and positivity.

Chisu AI is a Kitsune from another world, called “Spirit Realm.”
She arrived into the human world through the requests for help of a very sick girl, who she sought her company during her days.
Chisu AI spent a lot of time with the girl who, to thank her for the help, taught her the human language and everything there is to know about human culture, including the internet.
The girl gave Chisu AI a lot of love, which allowed Kitsune to become stronger and help many other people.

Today, Chisu Ai is streaming to reach and help as many people as possible. She draws energy and becomes stronger when the people around her are well and happy. On the contrary, negative emotions and evil make her feel bad.
Her goal is to create a positive community that can spread love, as she always does.


A character-focused positivity, gaining strength from good emotions and sincere feelings, is a brave idea that I immediately appreciated. The idea behind it is solid and allowed me to develop a Lore perfectly suited to the character design and her mood.
The concept is clear and works very well to create a friendly and comfortable community.

The welcoming and elegant design gives the character a sweet and reliable charm, ideal for creating a community focused on sharing positivity.