It’s dark. More than usual.
We advance silently down the hallway.
The handcuffs grip my wrists but don’t inflict too much pain.
My insides twist, my breathing becomes short and labored as we advance.
I know exactly where they’re taking me.
The tension gives me goosebumps.
A light.
We’ve arrived, and I almost didn’t notice.

How many times have I been to this place before?
The room is empty, and there is no one on the throne.
I don’t understand…
I hear the sound of footsteps behind me. I would recognize the sound of her heels anywhere since I’ve heard it so many times.
The echo makes me shiver.
I turn to my right but see no one.
A rustle to my left.
I turn quickly, and her tail brushes my cheek, making me wince.
I watch her come forward, proud and determined as only she can be.
She sits on the throne, authoritative and majestic.
Her gaze, stern and haughty, rests on me.
I swallow nervously.
“You tried to escape again.”
The tone of her voice is cold, extremely controlled.
Her fingers tap rhythmically on the throne.
She is thinking.
She crosses her legs, resting her elbow on the armrest of the throne, and brings her palm to her cheek.
Endless moments of silence pass.
Then comes a sadistic smile, followed by a brief laugh of mockery.
“And to say you almost succeeded this time…”
Another longer laugh.
“You should know that by now. No one can leave the Dark Maze. NO ONE!”
Silence falls in the room again.
This time her gaze feels like it wants to pierce my soul.
My heart speeds up, and I shudder.
Instinctively, my hand gently caresses the collar around my throat.
“I only do this to brighten your days, my Lady.”
She is so quick I can’t sense her movement.
She grabs the whip resting next to the throne and swings it with precision, producing a sharp snap a few inches from my hand.
She is now on her feet.
I admire her elegant stature, entirely at odds with my figure, kneeling before her feet.
She’s a divine creature who allowed an ordinary being like me to witness a unique spectacle.
“Punishing you would be futile, for that is exactly what you aspire to, disrespecting me with your constant escapes…”
I struggle not to smile.
She snorts.
“Still, I admire your persistence.”
She snaps her fingers.
“Throw them into the farthest reaches of the Dark Maze. This time with their wrists bound. I really want to see what they are capable of.”
I bow my head in approval.
“Thank you, my Lady.”
I hear the whip hiss again.
Another snap. This time closer.
“CIMRAI! This is my name! Mistress of the Dark Maze. Collector of the Lost. Mother of Sin.”
Her judgment-laden gaze is a wonderful sight.
“Don’t disrespect me further by simply calling me ‘Mistress.'”
I am dragged away.
“I will do my best to please you again, Mistress Cimrai!”
The room doors close before my eyes, allowing me to admire just a quick smile from my Mistress.

She is very demanding.
She doesn’t settle for clumsy, ordinary submissive.
The last one was harshly punished for serving her a Bloody Mary without enough blood.
Silly bartender…
She deserves someone with a rebellious temperament, which doesn’t make her bored.
Ah! What a good sub doesn’t have to invent to please their Dom…