Dyarikku Lore

Biocompatibility and Unknown Properties of Subject DyaRikku: An Evaluation and Report of Reality Glitch Cases

Name: DyaRikku [#VT-000]
Birthday: [REDACTED]
Height: 1.70 cm (5.57 feet)
Species: Glitched Fox (Vulpes aperiodic transient)
Gender: Female


#A – Subject Description

Behavior: The subject shows a non-hostile behavior, she favors dialogue and does not seem to present any trauma or disturbances. But… we hardly manage to stimulate her curiosity, she does not let himself be studied easily. While sometimes I feel like she is studying us.

Description: #VT-000 seems to be a Class S+ reality bender.
She is a young humanoid female with a fox-like tail and 4 fox-like ears.
The fox-like appendages appear to be constantly shifting and distorting, akin to a visual glitch. She appears to be wearing a skin-tight suit of currently unknown material. In testing, the suit has proven to be impervious to all conventional weaponry. #VT-000 has two large gauntlets made of material similar to Titanium Alloy. Though after further observation, conclude that these ‘gauntlets’ are her actual hands.

#B – Risk Protocols

Risk Level Classification: Class G Class S+ | Superior + Protocol

Superior+ Containment Protocol: #VT-000 currently resides in a 10.1m x 10.1m room . #VT-000 should bring any items requested and is allowed to roam the facility freely. Efforts to add further precautions and/or clearances are unnecessary impossible due to the nature of #VT-000.

Weakness: Despite VT-000’s immunity to all forms of conventional weaponry, she can be negatively affected by an Electromagnetic radiations. Disrupting the movement and causing the subject to ‘stutter’ or ‘lag’.

Skills Analysis: This power allows her to perform supernatural feats listed below:
– Instantaneous short range teleportation
– Altering and breaking matter at a subatomic level
– Exerting complete control over electronic devices
– Complete invulnerability to physical harm
– changing matter in its form and coexistence

Chronological Data: VT-000 was found in stasis by our team Expedition Team in the UK, zone PS-13.
Subject was contained in a capsule of unknown origins. #VT-000 was moved to our Labs at the behest of Head Researcher [REDACTED]. After #VT-000 arrived here in the Labs, she was released from the capsule. The capsule has since ceased all functions and all attempts to reactivate it have failed.


Initially, the project was just supposed to merge the Lores of DyaRikku and Yuniiho. Over time the project has expanded, involving other VTubers and becoming a real Setting.
The current purpose of this Setting is to be able to insert VTubing in a realistic and plausible context, within which VTubers move and interact in a consistent manner with their nature.

The most important work was to emphasize some fundamental characteristics, without exaggerating the details.
In the case of DyaRikku, I had to find context for her ‘glitch’ and define how powerful it is. Currently, it does not seem to have limits, but DyaRikku does not intend to harm people for free and prefers to live her existence quietly.
The next step was to contextualize the relationship between DyaRikku and Yuniiho in a fluid and sensible way.
In the end, we can summarize with: an enormously powerful being in search of her pink dog, to whom she’s very attached. Simple but effective.
Inserting all of this in a very distant time in future (about 2300) allowed me to contextualize a technology advanced enough to be able to “contain” DyaRikku safely. For a while.

Regarding the modalities of narration, it is inspired by the SCP Foundation. The writing sets can easily remind one of their reports. However, the presence of the title and subtitles differs a lot from the original format. It is an actual research paper and not a report.
Therefore, it is important to point out that DyaRikku is NOT an SCP.
It was an immense pleasure to be able to mention such a large and articulated writing project worldwide, but there will be no other references to SCP in the Setting or subsequent Lores. SCP Foundation is a self-contained and separate narrative universe.

Yuniiho’s Lore is the continuum, from a different point of view.
There are some elements in common that bind the two VTubers and those elements are desired and studied.
Thanks to Yuniiho, many speculations can be started. This possibility allows the reader/viewer to be actively involved in the plot, allowing an In-Character interaction on social medias and streaming platform.

DyaRikku is the first part of the Setting mentioned above.
Yuniiho is the second part.
The third part is currently officially being worked on.