Fyuwuki Lore

Nickname: Yu
Birthday: 7th March
Height: 150cm or 4’9ft
Species: Jiang shi
Gender: Female

“Would you like to keep me company while I complete my tasks?

The virtual world looks so funny!

Fyuwukii is a Jiang Shi summoned by a Master to fight in the wars. The Master, unfortunately, summoned a young woman of 20, so he decided to welcome her and take care of her. As he gets older, the man chooses to transform into the hat she always wears to continue taking care of her (the eye of her hat moves).
She has three horns because of the summoning; the only way for her to find peace is to complete three tasks. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what tasks they are, so she’s still around after years (she doesn’t age), always looking out for these three tasks. To learn more about herself and her nature, she tries to connect with the younger generation and learn from them, starting streaming and doing what younger generations do.


Fyuwuki combines an ancient flavor with a modern setting. The folklore regarding the Jiang Shi fits very well into modernity and the presence of three tasks to be performed speaks indirectly of a committed and determined character, who despite the long life she has lived, still continues to be curious about her surroundings.

I was able to delve into a very interesting side of Chinese folklore that, combined with Japanese folklore, allowed me to expand my knowledge and create a very personalized Lore.