Omi Lore

Name: Omi
Birthday: 15th May
Height: 170cm or 5’7ft
Species: Undead Spirit
Gender: He/Him

“Having a second chance is rare.

I don’t want to waste this opportunity. I want to commit myself every day and give my best in everything I do!”

“Omi” is a spirit that most of the time tries to act as an evil spirit. He does his best to scare both children and adults.
In reality, he’s pretty kind and benevolent and one of the most diligent and clean spirits.
He doesn’t know what kind of spirit he is, so he tries to emulate other more well-known spirits, such as the Yokai, to get better and better.
He admires spirits like Kuchisake-onna and Jiangshi.

He is on the clean side of spirits because he was very sick in his past life and unable to do almost anything. Eating good food, going out or doing anything by himself was very difficult for him.
Becoming a spirit is like his second chance at life, even if he doesn’t remember his past as a living being.
He chose the name “Omi” because it sounds reassuring and pleasant.


The basic idea is very positive and elegantly simple: a second chance. Omi was already very developed as a character and working on his Lore was fun and satisfying.
Researching eastern folklore about Kuchisake-onna and Jiangshi helped me with some of the later work.
What I find particularly interesting is how a potentially very sad Background takes on a tender and touching character.

Excellent character design and charisma. Omi is literally one of a kind.