When you accept certain games, you have to prepare yourself to accept all kinds of rules, from the most unpredictable to the most bizarre. Today’s rules are very simple, it’s the purpose of the game that is peculiar.
“How long do you plan to go on?”, I ask the impassive man in front of me. He looks up, serious as usual, and with a cigarette between his fingers.
“As long as it takes”, he replies before taking a deep puff of smoke.
I cross my arms over my chest and observe him. He is certainly very determined and not at all intimidated. Even if all his students were here to witness this, he wouldn’t flinch. After all, it’s all about learning and it doesn’t make much difference to him what method is used.
He’s a very dedicated person and has taken the whole thing very responsibly. That’s why I’m all dressed up, to reciprocate this commitment of his. Strapless lace-up corset, elbow-length silk gloves, panties matching with the corset, tight mesh fishnet hold-ups, and 5-inch stilettos. All black, of course.
We stand staring into each other’s eyes for a full minute, motionless. The only thing that disturbs the atmosphere is the thin smoke coming from his lips. There is not only seriousness in his gaze, but also curiosity. He’s analyzing, as he always does. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a brain or just gears in his head.
“Great, you passed this test”, I say giving him my back, heading towards the throne.
“Hmm” he mutters in response, taking another puff of smoke.
I’m glad to hear him so confident. He’s become familiar with the environment and my games very quickly. If only he weren’t so. cold, I’d ask him to be my permanent partner.
“When you first came to me, you asked me to teach you the control”, I say as I sit up. He stands, still impassive. “I didn’t understand at first. How come a firm teacher like you, a sensei, would ask for such a thing?”, I cross my legs, resting my hands on the armrests. “Grab a rope and show me what you have learned”
Without flinching, he sticks the cigarette in his mouth and performs. He shows me the rope and starts tying knots.
I keep watching him. Quick and precise, he effortlessly executes all the knots I taught him.
A corner of his nose barely curls. “You don’t understand the meaning of this, do you?”, I ask, resting my elbow on the armrest and bringing my hand to my cheek. “Hmm,” he replies. I’ve learned to understand his ‘language’, the tone he used means “Yes”
“Don’t worry, it will all become clearer to you in a little”, I say getting up and walking over to him. “You have the ruler with you, take it”. Once again, he executes. I extend a hand toward him, palm facing up. “Hit it as I taught you”. He does not immediately execute; I see him hesitate a couple of seconds. Doing what I asked it’s not easy. It’s about making a lot of noise without making the other person feel pain. A very sophisticated Dom technique of which few understand the usefulness or significance.
He lifts the ruler and quickly strikes my hand. The noise is sharp and echoes slightly in the room, I feel the contact but not the pain. Good.
“Do it again”, I say smiling. This time he performs without hesitation, just as perfect as the first time. “Again”. Another sharp pop. “Again”. Another success.
“Keep going until I say stop and be as quick as you can”. He shoots me a quick glance, the corner of his mouth barely vibrating, but he executes without question. I let him take about ten strokes before stopping him.
“Excellent!”, I say with a smile, “You didn’t hurt me once and each stroke was louder than the previous one”
“Thank you”, he replies. Even words? He must feel very satisfied, even if he doesn’t show it.
I walk over to the bed and sit on the edge, resting my hands on the sheets and crossing my legs again. I watch him for a moment. His serious look, his composed posture, and that ruler in his hand give him a very strong authority. He does not yet understand the purpose of our games, but there is no denying that he is a natural and talented Dom.
I lift my wrists toward him, crossing them. “Tie me up”, I say simply. He even raises an eyebrow. Maybe I’ve managed to catch him off guard after so long.
He performs my order using the rope from before. He’s gentle when he delicately takes my hands and tightens the rope without hurting me. He makes a very tight and solid knot, in such a way that makes me feel safe. I smile again. I look at the work he has done. It’s perfect.
“Really good work”, I say as I stand up, “Take the ruler, there is still one more step to go”. He executes and as soon as he is ready, I pass my knotted arms behind the back of his head, pulling him to me. I catch him off guard and with a quick twist of my torso, I drop him on the bed, using the momentum to climb on top of him.
His reaction is immediate. He tries to pull himself up, clutching the ruler in his hand, but by now I’m sitting on his abdomen, and he can’t go anywhere. “Control… what I have now. Still, I don’t think the situation is pleasant for you”, I say, running my hands down his chest. He curls a nostril conspicuously, his hand still clenched around the ruler.
“It’s not about control, it’s about trust”, I say moving lower so he can at least sit up. Quickly he raises his torso. Now I’m sitting on his thighs and our faces are inches apart.
“Trust? I followed your instructions, that’s why you think I’m a good person to do important or delicate tasks”, he comments seriously.
I sigh, barely shaking my head. I know he can do it, maybe I need to use a language that is more suitable for him.
“You always talk about physics, and you are a teacher. You once said that a moving charge interacts with another moving charge”. I end the sentence by showing him my bound wrists. He barely lowers his eyelids. “Electromagnetism”, he says simply. I nod. “You always talk about electromagnetic attraction, nucleons, and electrons, according to classical physics the components of matter. What holds them together, forming atoms. Trust is not so different; it holds people together”. He raises an eyebrow. I have his attention. “You came to me because you wanted to become a better teacher and you thought control was the answer, but it’s not. We are capable of generating many types of fields, my dear Hiroshi. What, in the everyday life, we call emotions. Repulsive forces, like fear, or attractive ones, like respect… and trust”
As I speak, I put my arms behind the back of his head again, lifting myself just slightly with my torso. “Just as protons in the nucleus attract electrons, you attract your students. They respect you and listen to you, but sometimes they need to be put in their place, guided, and comforted. That is why you have to be trustworthy because they rely on you. Control won’t do you any good without trust. You might as well impose yourself as a dictator and bend their will to your liking”
I’d like to run my fingers through his hair, but the way he’s tied my wrists prevents me from doing so. I just watch his expression. He’s thinking, processing. I smile mischievously. Maybe I’ve hit the nail on the head.
“I get it, people are like particles, and exercising control and trust is like applying remote electrical actions to them. They are a source or a distribution of charge, and so I apply an electric field through emotions”, he says at the end. Blunt and succinct.
“Very good”, I reply pushing him to get him to lay down again. I try to put myself back on top, but he quickly points the ruler under my chin, looking at me as intimidating.
“The submissive part doesn’t really suit you. I taught you what trust is, and yet I get the feeling that’s not all there is to it”, I say rubbing my chin on the ruler until it slides across my cheek. “Why on earth did you ask me for a Bottom experience if your goal was the control? You’re a born Dom, so tell me the truth”
“The properties of a set are defined by the particles that are part of it. I tried to study spin effects through BDSM because it has a Boolean relationship,” he replies with extreme seriousness. “In a system with two objects, the center of mass is shifted toward the larger object.”
The answer leaves me speechless, but his attitude is very clear. He is now in charge.
“So the teacher shifts the students’ attention to himself as the larger object. Your study is a success”, I say sliding down the ruler to give him a kiss on the hand. He brings the stick back under my chin, forcing me to look him in the eye.
“Come on Hiro, we had a deal: physics for physique. I would say we are off to a good start…”. I try to move the ruler, but with a quick movement, he hits both my hands. The noise is loud and sharp, the ruler even vibrates for an instant and I retract my hands automatically, although it didn’t hurt.
“You’ve already learned something, haven’t you?”, he says with a look that is very different from the usual one. I return that intense look with much pleasure.
“You have learned a lot, too. Interesting, your approach…” I say, barely rubbing against his thighs, “I want to learn more and the equations on your chest make me curious…”. I smile, sliding my hands down his chest.
“Hm”. Without adding a word, he pushes me to the side with his free hand and reverses the roles. He’s the one on top now. He rests the ruler on my cheek, loosening his collar with his other hand.
“Unexpected but pleasing”, I comment squeezing my legs against his hips, “You seem to be taking this more seriously than usual”
He pauses for a moment. He runs the ruler down my cheek, following the line of my jaw and coming up to my chest. “I’m a very strict and pretentious sensei, so I don’t want to waste my time. This is going to be a very hard private lesson”
“Oh! I hope something else gets hard too because I’m already…”. He doesn’t let me finish my sentence. The ruler rests on my lips with a thud.
“No talking during class”
Oh… Someone’s really up for some serious play… Alright, I’m certainly not backing down.
“I apologize, Hiroshi sensei, it was not my intention to disrespect you”, I say feigning an intimidating voice, “To make sure such an episode does not occur again… may I know the safeword for this lesson?”
“Maxwell”, he replies showing the first equation on his chest.

A very hard lesson indeed. Can’t wait to get started♥