I open my eyes.
It’s morning; the sun filters through the shutters.
Did I wake up early? I don’t think I heard the alarm clock…
I move my gaze to my side, she’s not there. Maybe she already left for work?
I watch the alarm clock, dumbfounded. The seconds do not flow… A slight flicker makes me realize that it’s glitched.
“RIKKUUU! You did it again!” I exclaim.
The bedroom door opens, making me wince a little.
“Well? You always work so hard, and I thought you would like to sleep a little more”
I watch her enter with her hands on her hips.
She is wearing my shirt and vest, along with her cop hat. She is so beautiful.
For a moment, the bar loses importance, and I smile at her.
“Thanks, but I’m still late. Rather, since you are here, we both are late”, I say, accompanying the words with a tongue out.
She snorts, barely puffing out the cheeks.
“This time, I thought about it in advance. I glitched the whole reality. So we have the entire morning… for us”
As she speaks, she blushes.
Rikku is an earnest cop, dutiful and inflexible. I feel lucky to be the only one who can appreciate this hidden side of her character.
I get up from the bed.
I go towards Rikku and slowly squeeze her in an embrace. I feel her arms tighten just as slowly around my hips.
“Thank you”, I whisper in her ear.
She rests her face on my chest.
We stayed like this. In silence.
An instant of peace and serenity.
“Shall we have breakfast?”, I ask barely moving to caress her face.
She smiles and nods.
“Sure, but let’s take it easy. To take us to the bar, all I need to do is use a glitch”
I hold her face in my hands, smiling.
“You are my favorite policewoman”
I see her blush before she runs into the kitchen. I don’t stop her.
I like when she gets embarrassed, she’s so tender.