Yuniiho Lore

Name: Yuniiho [#VT-001]
Birthday: July 24th, 2298
[Original] Height: 25cm (9.8in)
Species: Golden retriever (Canis lupus rosea)
Gender: Female

I am not a stupid dog
You’re the one who is wrong
And if this doesn’t stop
It will be a CHOP-CHOP-CHOP!

What a magnificent city of art and culture.

Yuni loves walking among the villages steeped in art and history, immersing herself in the streets of the Tuscan capital without a particular destination.
Petrarca, Boccaccio, Michelangelo, Giotto, and even Dante Alighieri had walked those same roads, or at least that was what Yuni liked to think.
She was born in that priceless city and was studying to become a successful artist, highly regarded and admired for her skill.

Born… in Florence?



“Experiment V-A1
Code name: Yu N.1
Specimen: Golden retriever (Canis lupus rosea)
– Heartbeat: regular
– Breathing: regular
– Brain activity: low
2:59 pm
Go to the experiment in 3 … 2 … 1!”

Yuni looks at the canvas, disheartened.
“Not enough red” she thinks to herself.
She snorts.
It had taken a full day just for the draft and having to start over bothered her a lot.
“Ah! Really not enough red, I almost finished it … “
Yuni brings a hand to her forehead.
Sometimes she feels stupid about making certain mistakes.
It was time to take a break.




“Do you understand what I say?”
Of course, I understand. I always understand what the mistress says.
“Oh! You moved your head … I guess it’s too early to teach you how to speak “
Speak? … Maybe you mean to bark?
“For the moment let’s try to walk on your legs, what do you think?”
To walk? But I already know how to walk. Look mistress, I also know how to run!
“HEY! Where are you going?! COME BACK!!!”

Ah! The Uffizi Gallery!
There is no better place to relax and seek inspiration.
Botticelli’s room was a show of delicacy and mastery, while Leonardo’s room fully represented absolute genius.
What Yuni particularly seeks, after a busy day, is the respectful silence that only such a museum can offer.
The warm spring sun filters through the large windows in the corridors.
A wonderful feeling on the young girl’s skin.

The sun?


It’s cold.
A lot cold.
They gave me… clothes… but my fur was warmer…
Walking with only two legs is… difficult.
Why does the mistress scold me so much? I loved her…


An excellent plate of Trofie with pesto.
Restaurants abound near the Uffizi and Yuni does not miss the opportunity to try a different place
Of course, pesto isn’t her only passion.
The Ghibellina bakery is one of her favorite places, where she can choose excellent desserts, always fresh every day.

Yuni’s days are perfect.

They are?

Now yes!

“WHAT A DISASTER!!! Is it possible that you don’t combine the right one !? “
What did I do wrong this time?
“You should have started Live2D Studio BEFORE streaming! One job! Stupid dog!”
Why are you scolding me? I do my best…
“And stop sniffing the chat! They are not people of flesh and blood, THEY ARE BOTS!”

Who are you? Why are you looking at me like that?
What is interesting?
I was here to study rikku, but it seems to be something as promising.
Are you talking about me, sir with glasses?

I don’t like that ruler in your pocket!
don’t be afraid, i am just curious
I do not trust you!

perturb a closed system … i would like to find out if dirac is right.
Who is Dirac? A friend of yours?
your attitudes are wasted here. what about escape?

“What an effort to get red!”
The girl looks at the now full bucket.
Sometimes she happens to lose her memory and become a simple art student.
“I still wonder who that sir was …”
Yuni shakes her head.
“Well, it doesn’t matter.
The mistress wanted me to become a VTuber… What a strange word… I’m glad I escaped and ended up in Florence. I immediately loved art and I couldn’t have ended up in a better place “
A grim laugh.
“Fuck you, Dya! I will never go back. Eheheh. Never!”
A quick snort, followed by an innocent smile.
The girl turns to a body lying on the ground.
“Thanks for the help, without it I would not be able to continue painting. Now I have to go, I have to treat the pigment before the stream, otherwise, it coagulates “
An elegant bow.
“Ah! Better to hide this “
Lifting the hem of the skirt, Yuni makes the blade disappear between the folds of the fabric.
“Thanks again!”
The girl takes the form of a dog and grabs the handle of the bucket with her teeth.
Running through the alleys, she sings a strange rhyme.

“I am not a stupid dog
You’re the one who is wrong
And if this doesn’t stop
It will be a CHOP-CHOP-CHOP!”


Yuniiho’s Lore is strongly linked to DyaRikku’s Lore and tells some identical facts from a different point of view. Furthermore, it is also the continuation of the Setting that involves other VTubers, as said in DyaRikku’s Lore.
Who knows how the search for a pink dog will lead to the meeting of other characters?

The hardest job was describing Yuniiho as more a “foolish” than a stupid dog.
After all, we are talking about a genetically modified dog from the future, which ended up having a human body.
Imagine human acting like an animal. It will certainly seem bizarre to you.
It was fundamental to alternate dramatic and comic aspects in the Lore. I chose to set the text as a narrative story, alternating first and third person. In this way, it was possible to show all the peculiar aspects of the character correctly and consistently.

A challenge for me was to contextualize Yuniiho’s “madness” in an acceptable way.
As mentioned earlier, imagine a dog in a human body. Normally, it can suffer from imbalances, especially when the events experienced have caused a loss of memory. I contextualized the moments of madness using specific triggers, such as mistakes made during painting or fragments of memory that come back to the surface.
Especially art, as her innate talent and passion, manages to calm Yuniiho.

With Yuniiho’s Lore, strong speculations are opened.
If she comes from the future like DyaRikku, why is she in Florence in 2021?
Who brought her to us?
But above all, what role does the “sir with glasses” play in this whole story?

With Yuni’s Lore, the second part of a larger plot closes.
The third part is currently officially being worked on.