Yuzuchi Lore

Name: Yuzuchi
Birthday: April 6th
Height: 144cm or 4’9ft
Species: Axolotl
Gender: She/Her

“Human beings are exciting.

I enjoy spending time with humans and interacting with them!”

She was born in a small lake community of axolotls. However, she is born with a mutation: a fang. Since axolotls have tiny teeth (practically invisible to the human eye), other axolotls mistook her for a predator and avoided her.
She is then exiled from the lake, but as an axolotl, she cannot survive without water, so a higher power took pity on her and granted her a humanoid form, making it possible for her to move on land and live among humans.

She thinks humans are exciting, and now she lives with a human family that has adopted her as one of their own. She spends a lot of her time studying them and talks about them often.


Yuzuchi’s main themes are diversity and acceptance.
A tiny difference is the cause of the alienation from the Axolotl community, which is not the case with humans.
Indeed, it is precisely humans, so different from her, who welcome her and give her a place to live.

Yuzuchi’s Lore is based on sweetness and innocence. Uncommon topics on which I felt I could give a lot with writing.