Every character has a story.
The analysis of your Original Character is helpful for a better interpretation during Streaming and a correct interaction in Social Networks. In addition, an in-depth description is essential to request suitable graphic and artistic material to prepare the Debut.

Twitter / Twitch Bio

Price starting from 50€

Biography writing support.
The service includes links and hashtags management, and all the credits and tags to artists and collaborators.


Lore Design

Price: 200€

Character set-up accompanied by a narrated and personalized description (or Script), essential for building Debut material and artistic commissions.


Price: 300€

In-depth Lore and Script with details of the OC’s past and connections to other characters (including VTubers), along with significant events.

services feat V-CORP

In collaboration with VCorp artists, the character set-up takes shape through custom graphics with which to introduce yourself easily on Social Medias. Each service includes, in the price, the complete management of the project.
Possibility of customization for special events and celebrations.

Text Setup

Writing of an original, personalized, and coherent textual content to be included in the graphics.

Music Video Presentation

Video presentation with a personalized music track developed by a professional artist and musician.


Debut Files

Preparation and complete management of Debut graphic material in accordance with Character Design.

#1. presentation CARDs

Simple presentation

Pinnable graphics with short description of character and content. Custom Font. It’s made according to your brand. (Requires character’s PNG)

Price 150€

Lore presentation

Pinnable graphic with VTuber description, including hashtags , Stream and Social URLs. Custom Fonts and graphics. (Requires character’s PNG)

Price 200€

#2. vtubing website lore

Price 400€

Personal one-page website containing extended Lore, links to all Social and Twitch, fanart and official illustrations.
Custom Fonts and graphics. (Requires character’s PNG and 4 more illustrations)

#4. video lore

Complete Bundle starting from 2500€ Art included*

Construction of a video containing the Lore of the character, to be used during the Debut or as separate content from the event. The price includes editing, screenplay, custom music and complete management of the project.
*Price based on video length, amount of panels in the storyboard and complexity of the music.

Storyboard Design

Starting from 200€
Complete screenwriting, according with the Lore, with storyboard panel management and framing.

Lore Illustrations

Starting from 1500€
A set of 6-8 illustrations for your video Lore. The artist will be chosen according to the lore style itself. 

Music and Dubbing

Starting from 300€
Original and personalized music track.
JP and/or ENG Voice Acting starting from 100€

Video Editing

Starting from 200€
Transitions, graphic effects and audio editing are included. The final video with your lore to play during your debut.